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About Dan Hollings

Dan Headshot Download the image above here.

Byline: Dan Hollings is the man behind the remarkable internet marketing campaign for the smash hit movie The Secret. Dan is an internet marketing consultant and web strategist to celebrities, talk show hosts, New York Times best selling authors, successful companies, entrepreneurs, and hit movies.  Contact Dan at: dan@hollings.name.

Broadcast Bio: The internet marketing campaign for The Secret is often considered to be one of the most successful internet marketing campaigns ever done.  We all know internet marketing is critical to the success of any business. Our guest today is Dan Hollings, the secret behind The Secret's internet marketing success.  Dan is an authority on internet technologies, system development, internet strategy, and internet marketing.  You can learn more about his strategies, including a few secrets, at danhollings.com. Welcome, Dan.  Why are you known as the "Mr. Universe" of internet marketing?

Full Bio: Dan Hollings is a highly sought after internet marketing consultant. One of the most noted internet marketing campaigns orchestrated by Dan Hollings was The Secret (2006 film). The Secret internet marketing campaign is considered by many as one of the most successful and profitable internet marketing campaigns of its kind, deploying strategies of Web 2.0, pay per click advertising, viral marketing, word of mouth, social media marketing, search engine optimization, link bait, and numerous other strategies. 

Dan Hollings is an authority on internet technologies, system development, internet strategy, and internet marketing. He is also well versed in the emerging mobile marketing medium and the interconnections between online and offline marketing. Dan Hollings is an author, speaker, and trainer and has developed web-based systems, marketing campaigns, and training courses used by numerous companies, distributor organizations, publishers, and universities around the world.

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