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News & Story Ideas

For Dan's secret strategies for business owners, Email His Publicist 

Dan Hollings can be interviewed by the media about:

  • The TO DO LIST marketing strategy
  • Master Plot Optimization
  • The psychology of your perfect customer
  • Importance of keywords and keyword phrases
  • Pay-per-click search engine strategies (Adwords)
  • Blogs, Folksonomy, and Tags
  • PodCasting
  • Multivariate and split testing
  • Book and eBook marketing
  • Traffic & lead generation
  • Internet marketing
  • Social networking & social media optimization
  • Building an online business
  • Connecting ONLINE and OFFLINE marketing campaigns
  • Mobile marketing
  • Viral video marketing
  • Viral and/or word-of-mouth marketing

Love the Law of Attraction? 

Here's Dan Holling's “23 Universal Laws of Internet Marketing

  • Law of Research and Discovery
  • Law of The Chicken
  • Law of Unique Value
  • Law of Optimization
  • Law of Testing & Failing
  • Law of Monitoring
  • Law of Amplification
  • The 10 Second Law
  • Law of Orbits
  • Law of Social Synapses
  • Law of Customer Support
  • Law of Marketing Yin and Yang
  • Law of Who Knows What
  • Law of the Dashboard
  • Law of Universal Time Warps
  • Law of Spelling Error
  • Law of Personal Relationships
  • Law of the “Thank You”
  • Law of Red Riding Hood
  • Law of Conversion
  • Law of Abundant Laughter
  • The Law of Immutability
  • The Law of More (not to be confused with Moore’s Law)

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