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Questions to Ask

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Possible Questions to Ask Dan Hollings During an Interview:

  1. Why are you known as the "Mr. Universe" of internet marketing?
  2. It's rather obvious you know a lot of internet marketing "secrets," would it be correct to assume you have a marketing or computer background?
  3. How did you go about learning all this internet stuff, and what would you recommend other people do to learn how to market online?
  4. A lot of people discovered THE SECRET after widespread media attention, including Larry King, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, Montel Williams, and most of the big named newspapers and magazines, but it all started on the internet many months in advance and with great success. Can you share with us a little bit about the evolution of the marketing (how this all started)?
  5. I'm trying to picture the "behind the curtains" scene of how you implemented the marketing, built your customer base, set up customer support and fulfillment, programmed the site, handled advertising, and managed all these various internet things. Can you paint that picture for our listeners?
  6. I'm sure there were many "secret strategies" used in the marketing of THE SECRET, but what would you say is the biggest secret?
  7. When people think about marketing something like a movie, especially a movie that's sold worldwide, it seems remote from the type of product or service they might wish to promote.  Are there strategies that can help a small business or a local brick & mortar business on the internet?
  8. What would you suggest the average business or entrepreneur do to increase their success online?
  9. On the internet, I understand most people find things by searching, but can you explain how we go about making ourselves (or our business) findable?
  10. When people search for something online, they typically type in keywords and phrases at Google, Yahoo, or MSN; what importance do these keywords have in an online marketing campaign?
  11. We hear a lot about BLOGS and the "blogosphere" these days. What roll do blogs play in marketing?
  12. Many people talk about WEB 2.0 today. For those who do not understand what this means, can you explain how WEB 2.0 plays into a marketing campaign?
  13. Anybody that is promoting anything wants to come up high in the search engine rankings; we've all heard how fantastic it is to be #1 in Google (for example). What's the secret of getting first page results at a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or MSN?
  14. It's really somewhat of a mystery as to how much was spent on internet advertising to promote THE SECRET. There are stories claiming THE SECRET spent no money, and all traffic was delivered by the universe. Other stories claim there was a rather significant ad campaign... what's the scoop on this?  And do you need a big budget to market online?
  15. It seems that there are solid marketing strategies behind what you did to help create this enormous internet buzz surrounding THE SECRET. Does that mean you didn't use the law of attraction?
  16. After having orchestrated the phenomenal internet campaign for THE SECRET, what exciting plans or projects do you have planned for the future?
  17. What would you recommend, perhaps a book or report, where people could read more about the secrets of successful marketing on the internet?


The media contact for Dan Hollings is Michelle Tennant Nicholson, and you can reach her at 828-749-3200 or michelle@publicityresults.com.

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