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Interesting Quotes

The marketing campaign behind The Secret is going to go down in history as the greatest case study of viral marketing ever done... Anywhere. 

— Frank Mastropolo, ABC News 

Learning to Digg, Backflip, or Furl might sound less than Delicious, until you Ask for a spoonful of RawSugar and a quick Wink from Mister Wong, the Frappr, who's taken a StumbleUpon a Flock of Magnolia after a Spurl last night at the LinkaGoGo, and suddenly your site becomes Mashable on the Newsvine, where, as fast as you can say Blinklist, all the world will Digg by iPhone your Facebook on MySpace before you quickly Squidoo over to YouTube for 43 Things you must Flickr with before you're forced to Reddit again, plus get Linkedin while praying to the Gods of Twitter that one day you'll "get" what the Technorati all this social media stuff means. 

— Dan Hollings, explaining "Social Media" 

"Who am I?" you ask. I'm Dan Hollings, or you might say Mr. Universe... for, when some people say "The Universe" did this or that... well, I'm the guy behind the stars humbly helping the Universe keep up that good reputation - at least in the realm of the internet :-)   

— Dan Hollings, explaining "Mr. Universe" 

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