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Case Studies

Here is a list of projects involving Dan Hollings:

The Secret - A Smash Hit Movie

  • Internet strategy / Campaign roll-out
  • Orchestrated internet marketing/development activities
  • Site programming and development
  • Marketing strategy (traditional, organic, and viral)
  • eCommerce and fulfillment: set-up and oversight
  • Customer support - setup / oversight
  • Numerous vendor relations (products/services)
  • Distributor strategy and systems
  • WOM strategies (word-of-mouth)
  • Optimization and testing

Networking Times Magazine
Gabriel Media Group, Inc

  • www.networkingtimes.com
  • Internet Strategist
  • Search engine
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Tool and system creation and development
  • Live training calls (as teacher)
  • Networking University (marketing and tools)

Kensington College, California
(A California accredited distance learning institution)

  • Internet consultation
  • Partnerships and entrepreneurial course development

Danmando Music

Better Life Media

  • Internet Strategist with several of their companies and over 30 well known authors/trainers, including talk show host, Montel Williams. 
Misc Projects of Interest

More case studies upon request. Contact Us


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